Frequently Asked Questions

Tail angle: What does what? The image above should do a pretty good job explaining this.

What is the Best Tail? This answer is going to vary by skill level and by front wing size and style. The follow information is very general and not to be taken as always true.

Beginner riders looking to pump longer can sometimes find it easier with a larger flatter tail. This makes the pump technique very forgiving and balances out larger front wings better at varying speeds.

Advanced riders will usually find that a tail with the least drag which is loose, fast, and pumps good may be the winner. It also depends on front wing size, wave size, rider style, and other factors.

In general we are having a lot of positive feedback on our Foilparts Fast Tail with advanced riders. Other great tails include pretty much everything KD Maui (KD Foil Shop on Shopify) makes and the Takuma 158 Tail. Those are our suggestions for tails.

Does the Takuma Mast Doodad Fit The Carbon Mast: Our Takuma Mast Doodad just fits the Aluminum Mast.

Will the Uni to Takuma Doodad Fit SPG? Yes, with some additional parts that we will offer.

How Can I Restore Old Aluminum Parts? Meguiar's® Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover, M4916

What Can I do If I Strip The Threads On My Fuselage? Insert Helicoils. Helicoils are a type of thread repair system that are commonly used to repair stripped or damaged threads in a tapped hole. They are made from a coiled wire that is inserted into the stripped thread and then secured in place. The wire material is typically made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel, and the coils are formed in such a way as to create a series of closely spaced threads.

To install a helicoil, a hole is first drilled into the damaged thread and then a tapping tool is used to cut new threads into the hole. The helicoil is then inserted into the newly cut threads and a special tool is used to crimp the end of the coil, locking it into place. The result is a new set of threads that are stronger and more durable than the original ones.

Helicoils are commonly used in automotive and aerospace applications, as well as in machinery and other industrial settings. They provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for repairing damaged threads, and they also help to extend the life of the equipment by restoring the strength and reliability of the threaded connections.

How Can I Tighten Up Connections on Loose Fitting Parts? Use Foil Tape. It Is a Metal Tape Which Is Very Adhesive and Fills Small Gaps Particularly Around The Mast To Fuselage Connection to Increase Rigidity and Tightness.

How Do I Prevent Metal Threads From Seizing in Salt Water? Ultra Tef Gel. Ultra Tef Gel is a type of lubricant or lubricating gel. It is typically used to reduce friction and wear in mechanical systems and to improve their performance and longevity. The exact composition and properties of Ultra Tef Gel can vary depending on the manufacturer, but it typically contains a combination of high-quality synthetic oils, special polymers, and other additives.

Ultra Tef Gel is designed to provide long-lasting lubrication and protection, even under harsh operating conditions. It is typically formulated to resist heat, water, and other contaminants, and it can help to reduce the formation of deposits and buildup on moving parts. Additionally, Ultra Tef Gel may help to reduce noise and vibration, improve energy efficiency, and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

How Do I Prevent My Tail From Humming? Sand The Trailing edge at a 45 degree angle or square it. This will reduce oscillation forces. In aerodynamic vibration, the object experiences alternating lift and
drag forces as a result of changes in air flow over its surface. These
forces can cause the object to oscillate at a natural frequency, leading
to unwanted vibration and noise.

Why Does My Hydrofoil Perform Better When The Wing Is Near The Surface? This Answer Is Going To Be Summary From A Case Study Here Is The Link. A new study has found that motion-induced free surface effects (FSEs)
can enhance the performance of a submerged hydrofoil by delaying stall
at high angles of attack. This was confirmed through both experimental
and numerical studies on a NACA 634-021 hydrofoil at a Reynolds number
of 105. The experiments showed that all hydrofoils with FSEs at
different submergence depths had delayed stall characteristics. The
numerical results agreed with the experimental data, showing a 55%
increase in maximum lift coefficient, 19.3% decrease in average drag
coefficient, and 90% increase in average lift-to-drag ratio compared to
the baseline case for high angles of attack. The numerical simulation
suggests that the FSEs produce high velocity flow, increasing the
boundary layer momentum and suppressing flow separation. The hydrofoil
at 0.5c submergence depth showed the greatest impact of FSEs in delaying
stall and reducing drag, while the hydrofoil at 1c showed the maximum
lift coefficient of all cases.


LIFT: Our Lift Tail Adapters work with Lift Efoils. The Long Tail Adapter will give you a more stable ride especially when paired with a large tail, going too big however can reduce pitch control and increase the rider input needed to control height. Our Foilparts Pumper tail is on the large end of the usable spectrum when paired with Our Long Tail Adapter. Our Short Lift Tail Adapter gives more pitch sensitivity especially when paired with a smaller tail. Our Foilparts Fast Tail is on the smaller end of the usable spectrum when paired with our Short Tail Adapter (Note, this setup is more for advanced riders). Our Adapters fit almost every tail on the market. If you have questions please email us. We also offer many other accessories so we suggest browsing the website, you may find something you need.

Takuma: Our Short Takuma Fuselage fits Takuma E foils and will give you a more pitch sensitive feel. Our Short Fuselage fits almost all tails on the market. If you have any questions about a specific tail please ask. You can Also use our Takuma Fuselage to flat shim on your stock fuselage to run Tails from companies such as KD Maui/ KD Foils, Foilparts, Unifoil, SPG, Onofoil and many more on your stock fuselage. We also offer many other accessories so we suggest browsing the website, you may find something you need.

Waydoo/FliteBoard: Experiment, please let us know. Questions, just ask.


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    Describe this team member's expertise and unique skills. Consider adding an image to your column to represent this team member.