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From the people
From the people
Item is great quality and fit. Postage was quick!! Great to deal with. Cheers
— Mark H
From the people
Great product thank you!
— James Polard
From the people
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Tail Angle

A brief overview

Contrary to what many believe, tail angle is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Tail angle should be adjusted to accommodate various factors, including rider weight, riding style, skill level, your specific discipline, and many other variables. We have provided the image to the left, which illustrates the role that tail angle plays. Heavier riders may find it beneficial to set their tail for "more carve", whereas lighter riders might lean towards "less carve." If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Product Spotlight

Foilparts Mast

Introducing our new Foilparts mast, a versatile solution designed to accommodate a wide range of popular brands. For those seeking a cost-effective and long lasting alternative to the frequent mast replacements associated with foil purchases, this mast offers an ideal solution that is fast, sleek, and won't break. To explore the current compatibility options, please refer to our product page.

Baseplate Shims

Highly regarded by many advanced foilers, these shims allow the user to adjust the board angle to improve takeoffs, pumping, and overall performance.

Not all boards have the same rocker, which may be ok when paired with some foils, but not for others.

Similarly, certain foils feature varying wing angles, which can also throw off the board angle with respect to the water. This can also be fixed using these shims.

Our Baseplate shims allow for board to foil angle adjustment, which for some can be the difference between a highly functional setup and one that feels slightly off. Some riders say "I just don't know what it is, but it doesn't feel right". Well this may be your problem.

Symptoms: The board likes to dive on takeoffs. The board may feel nose high or nose down while pumping.

Most advanced foilers who own multiple setups have a set of these laying around.

Axis Angle Shims

Tail angle adjustability, need we say more?

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