Foilparts 16.5" Pumper Tail


Flat, thin, pumps good, light, great all around tail.

Stiff carbon construction for great power transfer and durability.

Best paired with wings 150-175 sq inch (960-1130 sq cm) and larger.

Advanced riders, chop it down at least 0.75" on each side to get better carve and glide, this wont really affect the efficiency.

Dock starting: stock width is good. Best paired with a 175 sq in+ (1130 sq cm+) front wing.

SUP: Try running a shorter fuselage and a bigger tail like this for early pop up and control.

Technique: Easy mode, especially with a longer fuselage.

Efoil: Super stable.

Fits: 30mm spacing like Unifoil, Go Foil (the spacing, but not the mount area), SPG, F-One, Onofoil, Reedin, and others with 30mm spacing.

Dims: 17” tail wide, 230 sq cm