Onofoil Swift 200


This wing is known for its great speed range, efficiency, and ease of use. Great for light wind hand winging, barely breaking waves, wake, or SUP. For beginners starting to connect waves, who need a bit more low speed lift and forgiveness, this wing will get you pumping into 3fers in no time. It’s big, but this wing is still thin enough to catch head high waves and cruise when the wind picks up. As an average to lighter rider you will be able to pump this foil for days.

Size: 200 Sq In (1290 Sq Cm)

Span: 38.5 In (98 cm)

AR: 7.411

Comes with 65cm, 75cm, or 90cm Mast. 75cm is standard. Email us when ordering if you want another size.


Shown with 16.5” Tail