Onofoil M1000 Front Wing only


The M1000 Front Wing is a versatile wing that excels in most conditions. Whether you want to go fast or slow, turn sharp or glide around, this wing delivers outstanding performance in any setting. If you're seeking the utmost pumping efficiency, you might consider giving The Swift Series or the M800 wings a try. However, the M1000 can execute sharper turns and, with a bit more effort, still pump its way back out.

Comes with 65cm, 75cm, or 90cm Mast. 75cm is standard. Email us when ordering if you want another size.

Size: 155 Sq In (1000 Sq Cm)

Span: 33.7 In (85.5 cm)

Aspect Ratio: 7.327


Shown with 13.5” Tail